Preeti Poojara

Preeti Poojara is an intuitive empath and a holistic healer. Preeti is a professional tarot reader, certified astrologer and a Reiki Master. She offers online tarot readings and horoscope readings to her clients. She started tarot reading in 1993 when she was first initiated into Reiki I. Osho Zen Tarot was the first tarot deck she explored to get an insight and understanding of her own subconscious. Later, she studied divinatory aspects of Rider Waite Tarot. Since then she has studied and explored a number of tarot decks. Each deck has its own energy patterns and cultural relevance. Preeti uses tarot for divinatory purposes as well as an aid to personal transformation and self empowerment.

Reports provided by Preeti Poojara
INR 1200.00 - $ 20.00
The Year ahead reading makes you aware of the most prominent influences and trends in coming year. It guides you in the areas of love, relationships, money, career, health and all other important issues in your life. The Year ahead reading gives you an insight about how to set your priorities and how to achieve your goals and aspirations. You can also request an annual reading starting with one of your birthdays.
Delivery Time – 7 Days
The Love and relationship reading gives you a clear understanding about both the partners, their perception of each other, their hopes and fears about this relationship, and makes you aware of probable future outcome. Relationship with Self reading is ideal to explore your shadow aspects.
Delivery Time – 7 Days
The Prosperity reading makes you aware of your talents and abilities. You can discover what or who is holding you back and what areas in your life need to get more attention to attract abundance. It gives you indications about forthcoming changes and new direction. It also gives spiritual advice to progress ahead.
Delivery Time – 7 Days
Life purpose Reading is based on your personality card, soul card and hidden factor card. Once you are aware of your life purpose during this incarnation, you get a clear understanding of events manifesting in your life.
Delivery Time – 7 Days
INR 500.00 - $ 9.00
Accurate answers and easy solutions to life questions through Tarot Readings and Horoscope Readings. Expert advice in problems related to love life, dating, divorce, marriage, infidelity, adultery, affair..
Delivery Time – 7 Days

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