Maulik Bhatt

Maulik Bhatt is consulting financial astrologer since 1999. Mr.Bhatt is research scholar in astrology field and doing research through more than 10 years. With the Knowledge of Shashtra and understanding of science Mr Maulik Bhatt identifies his own gist and principles from which he creates new dimension to Jyotish Vigyan. Young dynamic & research scholar, Mr maulik bhatt is corporate astrologer and is considered to be authority in Financial Astrology, Stock Market Astrology, Sports Astrology, Career Astrology. Vedic Jyotish Vigyan is the key and complete Shashtra to understand the Nature and the effects of Nature, and it’s absolutely through Astronomy, Mathematics, Geography and power of N

Reports provided by Maulik Bhatt
INR 1800.00 - $ 30.00
Personalized astrological guidance for your query. Shree Maulik Bhatt answers your query with relevant Remedies
Delivery Time – 7 Days
INR 5400.00 - $ 90.00
In the personalized upcoming year wealth report Shree Maulik Bhatt predicts your yearly forecast considering wealth as the centre point. Detailed financial guidance for 12 months will be delivered to you on the e-mail id provided by you.
Delivery Time – 7 Days
INR 18000.00 - $ 300.00
Personalized and detailed 12 Months Report with Powerful Days and Weak days. Shree Maulik Bhatt calculates and does analysis of your Birth Chart details for next 12 months, planetary positions according to your personalized horoscope for almost 25 to 30 hours and subsequently generates Crystal Report.
Delivery Time – 7 Days
INR 3600.00 - $ 60.00
Specially focused guidance for Career Life Shree Maulik Bhatt would focus especially aspects on your Career related parts of your birth Chart, will guide you for your career and solve your confusions related to career.
Delivery Time – 7 Days

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