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Ma Poonam Sharma


Ma Poonam Sharma ji belongs to a religious Brahmin family. She loves to spend most of her time, since early childhood, in learning Astrology and spirituality with her grandfather and his group of renowned astrologers.

Ma Poonam Sharma ji is a reputed consultant of Vedic Astrology. Many persons and establishments have taken benefit from her expert consultancy. She has been honoured by many astrological institutes. She is also involved in research work in Vedic astrology under the guidance of renowned Astrologers. The research that she has done so far has helped her predict Astrology in a better way.

She has been practicing Astrology for the last 10 years. She undertakes horoscope analysis, career guidance (selection of career/business and starting dates), dasha-based predictions and consultation on other aspects of life. She also specializes in match-making, yearly predictions, peace of mind and family, remedial advices for marriage delays, financial constraints, study related problems, foreign travel / jobs. She has been teaching astrology and meditation since 2005.

She has been actively associated with many journals & magazines on Vedic astrology. Ma Poonam Sharma ji is a spiritual master of astrology. She has helped thousands of people with remedial ways of astrology. She excels in accurate future analysis, specialized & very effective counseling skills.

Reports provided by

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Ask 1 Question ₹ 400.00 / $ 6.67

    In this report you will get answers to your question by the astrologer, analyzed as per the question chart. In this report you will get recommendation of astrological remedies too. Horary astrology is also very useful for people who do not have accurate or no birth details.

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Ask 3 Questions ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    You can ask 3 questions pertaining to personal or professional life like business, love/relationships, marriage, partnerships, and improvements in business. Or for that matter, any problem or for any decision you want to take. . In this report you will get recommendation of astrological remedies too.

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Career Report 1 year ₹ 800.00 / $ 13.33

    The career report for 1 year gives you complete details about your career and jobs.  In this report we will provide you many astrological solutions to guide you to choose the right career as well as remedies and advices to make your career better and successful.

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Annual Birthday Report ₹ 800.00 / $ 13.33

    The Annual Birthday report includes predictions for the Year Ahead for a full year on a Monthly basis with monthly remedies. This report is a complete guide for each and every aspect of events which will happen in the year ahead.

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Love / Relationship Report ₹ 800.00 / $ 13.33

    Chances of Love affairs? / How long it will continue ?/ how loyal is your partner to you? Will you make the right choice?/ Are you ready to take the big step? Get answers and Predictions to end your curiosity and worries about your love life.

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Finance report 1 Year ₹ 900.00 / $ 15.00

    Your Financial standigs for next one year with precautions to avoid financial crisis. Get the best finance predictions in this personalized report!

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Marriage Prospects ₹ 900.00 / $ 15.00

    Know the right time / partner for marriage, loyalty of your life partner, suggestions for happy marriage life according to your horoscope! Consult Now for marital happiness!

  • Ma Poonam Sharma Mangal Dosha Report and Remedies ₹ 800.00 / $ 13.33

    Wondering if you are a manglik? / is your would-be partner a manglik? Are there effects of Manglik Dosha in Both Your Lives... Get answers to all of these questions and get the best, effective remedies!