"The Jumaanies have been largely responsible for reviving the 5000 year old science of Numerology in India.
People from far and wide have been able to benefit from the age old Art; from leading film stars, to TV Serials, cricketers to business magnates, and last but not the least, the common man, all have enjoyed the powers of Numerology.
Some of the beneficiaries are from the likes of Ekta Kapoor and all her 'K' serials, Rakesh Roshan, Rahul Dravid, Sreesanth, Robin Uthappa, Anil Kumble, Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Emraan Hashmi and loads of other celebrities.
Featuring on Television, Radio {Mumbai and Dubai} and penning columns with leading publications, they provide solutions to peop

Reports provided by Jumaani
INR 5000.00 - $ 83.00
The sum total of a name denotes whether that number is favourable or not for the person. Since date of birth cannot be changed, adding or deleting of alphabets is the only way to achieve harmony among these 2 sets of numbers. Once changed, new spelling could invoke better vibrations. The Jumaanis can bring a sea change in your life with their name correction.
Delivery Time – 14 Days
INR 10500.00 - $ 175.00
A comprehensive report based on numerology which tells you your line of work, health, compatibility, lucky number, lucky dates, lucky gems and lucky colours. Please provide your father`s name or Husband`s name to furnish your question
Delivery Time – 14 Days

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