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Er. Ashish Gupta
Vedic Astrology & Vastu
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Er. Ashish Gupta

Er. Ashish Gupta is practicing occult sciences for more than a decade. Being a mechanical engineer he had served one of the major automobile global leader for a long time, but was more keen in Vedic sciences and one fine day abandoned engineering and became a servant of Indian Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra sutras.


Fascinated by the occult sciences, he undertook the study of this divine tool of divination and self discovery. He is Jyotish Visharad from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences formaly known as ICAS. Vastu & Feng-Shui Guru from Vastu Vidya Mandir, Pyramedologist from 'Jiten' and Vastu Visharad from ICAS. He has successfully seen the horoscopes and properties of artists, bureaucrats, professionals, business houses, students, leaders, home makers and of the people belong to the unprivileged section of society. His articles has been published in local weeklies. He leads workshop on Astrology and Vastu science.


He belives, Astrological and Vastu sciences has the powers to accomplish the materialistic and spiritual needs of mankind.

Time Availability :Everyday 24 Hrs

Language :Hindi,English

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  By Pallavi 06 Dec 2016

Very Good!