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Col Ajay Jain


Col Ajay was born on 24 August 1965 at Jaipur, India. A gold medalist in International Banking and Finance, MA, from the University of Rajasthan, he is also a Joytish Visharad (Masters of Astrology) in three methods K.P., Parashar and Gemani. Col Ajay is a gold medalist in medical astrology and financial astrology. An officer of Indian armed forces, serving in Territorial Army as commission officer, he has been a recipient of several honours and awards during his army service. As a writer, Col. Ajay writes in three languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati for newspapers at national and international levels.
His write-ups are published regularly in some of the leading news papers and websites such as Sharebazar, Nafa-nuksan, among others. He also appears on CNBC TV shows and provides weekly and daily finance content to the official web site of CNBC, NDTV,, and several other internationally reputed websites. He also appears for Radio programmes regularly on 93.5 FM, ARN (Dubai Fm radio) as a guest speaker.

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