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Anita Nigam

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Anita Nigam is an internationally acclaimed Astrologer, globally recognized for her accurate predictions on different fieldS of vedic astrology: personal, mundane, prashana shastra and unique sports predictions. She has done predictions for thousands of people worldwide related to their job and career, business and partnership predictions, marriage and match making predictions, education predictions, love predictions, predictions on legal and litigation matters, whole life prediction, prashna kundali (ask a question) etc. Anita has been honoured with many prestigious awards like Bharat Jyoti Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Best Citizen of India Award etc. Anita has been featured in news channels in India and her predictions have been published in many newspapers and websites in India and abroad.Anita had accurately predicted for many global personalities like Barack Obama, George W.Bush, Pervez Musharraf, Anil Ambani, Michael Jackson, Sachin Tendulkar, SRK, Sonia Gandhi etc.

Time Availability :1:30 PM Onwards

Language :Hindi

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  • Anita Nigam Ask a Question ₹ 500.00 / $ 8.33

    Having any question in your mind? Just ask it here! Like, will I get success in my upcoming interview? Or will my foreign tour will be successful of not. Anita will answer it here.

  • Anita Nigam Ask 3 Questions ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    Having any question in your mind? just ask it here! Such as, will I get success in my upcoming interview? Or will my foreign tour will be successful of not. Anita will answer it here.

  • Anita Nigam Business Report 1 Year ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    If you have a business and want to get an insight into the present and future of your business, seek guidance from Anita Nigam. She will give you the detailed analysis of your business for the next one year with remedies.

  • Anita Nigam Education Report ₹ 850.00 / $ 14.17

    Are you in school or college or currently pursing education and want to know your educational future? Confused about which stream to choose or how to get success? Anita will let you know answers to your questions by analyzing your horoscope.

  • Anita Nigam Love Report ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    Are you in love with someone or is it just an infatuation? Want to know about your love life? Well, the stars have something in store for you in the love aspect. Anita Nigam will read your chart and let you know about your love prospects and life.

  • Anita Nigam Marriage Prospect ₹ 1200.00 / $ 20.00

    Searching for Mr or Ms Right? The marriage prospect of your life will guide you to what type of person you will get or whether you both have a mental compatibility. Why is there a delay in your marriage? Is there a solution? Anita Nigam will provide answers and guidance about your Marriage Prospects.

  • Anita Nigam Match Making Analysis ₹ 1500.00 / $ 25.00

    Match Making is the most important aspect before the marriage. This will let you know how your marriage is going to be. Will it be a successful of not? Is the person right or wrong for you? Will he/she stand by you? Ask Anita Nigam.

  • Anita Nigam Personal Predictions 1 Year ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    Want to know about any aspect of your future like career, love, marriage, trips abroad trip, financial status, upcoming problems, spouse, children, parents etc.? Get your 1 year personalized prediction from Anita Nigam.

  • Anita Nigam Career Report 1 Year ₹ 1000.00 / $ 16.67

    Find out about your career variations and fluctuations. Get to know the future about your career in advance and start planning according to that now! Ask Anita Nigam for your upcoming Professional career, growth, assignments, the best line of job etc for the next 1 year in the 'career report 1 year by Anita Nigam'.