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Acharya Amriteshwar
Vedic Astrology & Others
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Acharya Amriteshwar

AMRITESHWAR ANAND JI has been practicing Astrology and Sadhna for over 25 years now which he has learnt from great gurus in the Guru Shishya Parampara. He gained knowledge in mantra vigyan, yantra vigyan, and science of energy urja vigyan at a very young age of 38 with sheer devotion in the lotus feet of the saints. He started his journey at a very young age of 7 when SIDHGURU SWAMI MAHAMANAV MRITUANJAI PREMANAND SARASWATI JI gave shakti paat diksha. From then onwards he has also been practicing Mantra Vigyan (Science of Mantras) in the kind guidance of his GURUS only and has by their divine grace witnessed mystic experiences as well. Over years, Amriteshwar ji has performed worships (sadhanas) of Dus Maha Vidhya and greart Divine Mother ‘MAA BAGLAMUKHI SADHNA’ in particular. Guruji is also a Sadhak of Lord Mahamritunjaya, bestowed with healing capabilities by his GURU.

Time Availability :10am to 6 pm

Language :Hindi

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  By deepshikha 07 Dec 2015

Thanks for guiding me with my problems. It is really appreciating.

  By Ashish Pushkarna 10 Dec 2015

It was really nice.

  By Jay 14 Jan 2016


  By Sandeep Gupta 30 Apr 2016

Mr. Acharaya is very focused on the problems and potential solutions of his clients.

  By Ajay Jaiswal 13 Mar 2016

Accurate reading and perfect Advise

  By Puja Paul 07 Jan 2016


  By Animesh 14 Dec 2015

Good session with acharya jee

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 28 Mar 2016

Very satisfied.

  By pooja gandhi 06 Feb 2016


  By Nishant Mehta 16 Mar 2016

Good Knowledge on Astro Science,i felt his advise worked for me.

  By Nishant Mehta 18 Jun 2016

I think he has very good command over the vedic astrology, he told many things acurately, Thanks

  By Nishant Mehta 13 Aug 2016


  By Gaurav Sharma 22 Feb 2016

Thanks for Guiding me about the Career.

  By Summit Malhan 22 Feb 2016

Straight to the point and provide the accurate prediction.