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Sagittarius Health
Sagittarians are fun loving, carefree individuals who live life to the fullest. As a result, they generally do not suffer from stress-related problems. However,most Sagittarians tend to take everything very casually, including their health. They rarely, if ever, visit a doctor, because they seldom require to. Sagittarians are the most daring and audacious of all the signs of the zodiac. They are always ready to try-out a new sport or adventure. The only problem is that Sagittarians are prone to minor strains, sprains and injuries. You will have to learn to take it easy and learn to do warm up's etc before putting your body through heavy exercises. Also, give yourself enough time to heal before embarking on any new escapades.A good diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products should keep you on an even keel, with the occasional time out to rest and relax. A good complexion, shining eyes and a prominent nose are your distinctive features. Some of you may, however, suffer from nervous disorders. Sagittarius rules the motor functions and the lower limbs that in some cases may be vulnerable to injury.

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