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Leo lover

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You have a gregarious personality easily standing out in a crowd, always the centre of attention at social gatherings. You are often loud and brash and people often take offence to that. If your big ego doesn't get the better of you, you can be a warm and considerate person. You are a lover with style, wooing your beloved in the most elegant manner. You wine and dine them, shower expensive gifts and roll out the red carpet all the way. You will find ideal life partners among fellow Leos, Aries and Sagittarians. A word of caution, however -- when you enter wedlock, married life will rarely be the same as it was during courtship and if you want smooth sailing, you will have to be less domineering and treat your spouse as your equal. Nevertheless, you will enjoy keeping a home that is good looking, where you can show off your taste and which is also reasonably equipped with material comforts.

There are many of us who consider astrology as a superstition and not really a science. But the accuracy of some of the predictions that astrologers have made is what makes astrology an art which can be used to predict what may probably happen in the nearby future ...
All About Leo
Leo Daily Horoscope
Daily Horoscope
You need to be cautious of some negative behavior, which is likely to occur today in your
Leo Personality
Sun Sign Personality
You are born to rule. Like the king of the jungle, you are a natural leader. It is not for...
Leo Professional
Sun Sign Personality
You are definitely not suited for any lowbrow job. You should do well in white-collar esta...
Leo Traveller
Sun Sign Personality
You love to to holiday in style. They don't like roughing it out on holidays like trekking...
Leo Teen
Sun Sign Personality
Leo girls are at the centre of attraction all the time. And that is the way they like it. ...
Leo Love Compatibility
Sun Sign Love Compatibility
Leo,Find out who are You most compatible with! Based on your sunsign who is a perfect match for you.

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