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Gemini Women
The Gemini woman is romantic by nature and has an ardent interest in men. If intellectual stimulation is what you are looking for, you will find it in the Gemini woman. An overbearing partner is not for you. It is very difficult to understand you and your personality of extremes. It baffles your partner, who has a difficult time figuring out what you think and what you want. Mostly, Gemini women understand love and romance well and change partners with utmost ease. It is possible for you to discontinue a relationship you think is getting difficult or may lead to complications without much ado. The Gemini woman is known as a "one girl harem" because of her capacity to present more than one exterior. The male in your life has to be imaginative and not afraid of experimentation if he wants to keep you satisfied. The hotspots for the Gemini woman are her arms.

There are many of us who consider astrology as a superstition and not really a science. But the accuracy of some of the predictions that astrologers have made is what makes astrology an art which can be used to predict what may probably happen in the nearby future ...
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