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Aries professional
Aries make good professionals and generally do well leading from the front. Not one to be closed in, they like to be the captain of their ship with freedom to roam the decks, handing out orders and making sure things get done. Fields like engineering, medicine, space science and metallurgy are good places for an Aries. But you also belong in any job that may bring you recognition or attract attention to yourself. Your sympathy with the underdog and a sense of fair play, combined with the courage to speak your mind should also make you a good trade union leader. And although you will also do well in business, you must be careful not to be overconfident and not to invest your money rashly.

There are many of us who consider astrology as a superstition and not really a science. But the accuracy of some of the predictions that astrologers have made is what makes astrology an art which can be used to predict what may probably happen in the nearby future ...
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