Sagittarius Parents-Scorpio Child

When a Scorpio child is born to a Sagittarius parent, they need to respect each other`s personal space. With patience and understanding they can build up mutual trust and camaraderie. Sagittarius thrives on variety and novelty. Scorpio prefers to strengthen the family`s emotional ties. The Sagittarius parent adds a dash of fun and excitement to lift the brooding disposition of Scorpio. The Scorpio child in turn encourages the parent to be more committed. Sagittarius may find Scorpio stubborn and inflexible, and Sagittarius at times may seem too flighty and immature to the Scorpio child. Together they can learn a lot more than either would on their own. This family may end up unwittingly hurting one another`s feelings, usually out of lack of understanding for the other`s point of view. If the Scorpio child can keep his/her emotions in check, and if this parent can avoid being restless, this pair can have a satisfying relationship. As long as they communicate freely and accept their differences, theirs will be a reliable and loving relationship.

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Bold, dashing and spirited. It's a bit difficult to keep pace with you - whether it is in your movements or in your speech. You like to be free as the wind that blows,quite uncaring of the effect you may have on your surroundings. You could not care less and hate being in an atmosphere that is physically or emotionally claustrophobic. Somewhat lacking in tact, your foot-in-the-mouth syndrome could do with a little thought. Nevertheless, you are honest but more than a little tactless. Sagittarians are ambitious - always aiming higher than the goal they initially set for themselves. You love challenges and are too full of energy to s... ...Read More
Sonam Kapoor
John Abraham
Birthday : December 17
Sign : Sagittarius
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