Leo Parents-Sagittarius Child

The Sagittarius child and its Leo parent combination are often fiery and explosive. Both parent and child enjoy a dynamic and active life. When two such powerful personalities get together, there is bound to be some ego clashes. On the positive side, this family throbs with life and excitement, and both parent and child serve as inspiration for each other. They have genuine respect and admiration for each other. Both are charismatic and charming and this family is popular in their community. Leo is a gregarious personality and likes to do things on a grand scale. Leo has a need to dominate the proceedings. Sagittarius on the other hand has a philosophical bent of mind and takes the time to get to know the subject. Sagittarius` calm and unruffled exterior is a source of endless fascination to the Leo. Both sincerely respect each other. Arguments among them, though few and far between, can be monumental. However their mutual love and respect will triumph over bruised egos every time. The best aspect of this relationship is its powerful teamwork and mutual admiration.

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Leo Special
The Lion
Fifth House
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The Sun
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Aries, Sagittarius, Leo
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Aquarius, Libra, Gemini
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Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
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Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
You are born to rule. Like the king of the jungle, you are a natural leader. It is not for you to take orders. Needing to assume authority, wherever you are, you are the focus point at any party. Noble as you are, it is very difficult for you to be sly and sneaky. You are honest, frank and courageous and although tending to be outspoken, you are courteous and understand the need for diplomacy when the situation demands. You have a strong aesthetic sense, not only with regard to your possessions, but also the environment around you. You are easily attracted to the rich and the famous, the bold and the beautiful and would often like t... ...Read More
Sonam Kapoor
Saif Ali Khan
Birthday : August 16
Sign : Leo
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