Aries Parents-Scorpio Child

The Scorpio - Aries is a perfectly balanced relationship. In an almost mysterious way, they are almost mirror images of each other. Both love power and want to play the leader. If they learn to compromise and work together, they can achieve impossible goals. Though these two might quarrel incessantly, they will stay very close, even into the child`s adult years. Despite their differences, both parent and child love taking risks. At times they may have difficulty understanding each other, because Aries are extrovert and open with their feelings while Scorpio are more introvert. If they can make the effort to meet on a common ground, they can easily work together. While Aries is fiercely loyal to the family, Scorpio has a deep and complex devotion to the bloodline. The best facet of this relationship is the power of their combined forces. They can accomplish a lot, particularly when they unite to fight for the same cause. Both child and parent are winners, and neither will ever give up easily.

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When the parade comes to town, look at the one who leads -- it will most likely be an Aries. Not one to be cowed down by failures, you play the game for the recognition it brings. You love to take on new challenges and even lead the way, offering new ideas and finding easy solutions to problems that might seem baffling to others. But in all this, you can't be rushed; you certainly cannot work with someone breathing down your neck. Given the freedom, you will enjoy the challenge and do your best. Although you are pleasant company, you may not be the most popular person around, but that is something you don't take to heart. For you, ... ...Read More
Sonam Kapoor
Chitrangada Singh
Birthday : March 28
Sign : Aries
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