Aries Parents-Aries Child

The relationship between an Aries child and an Aries parent is usually very dynamic. As both belong to the fire sign, theirs is a highly charged and emotional relationship, often involving arguments. Tempers are likely to flare up quite often, and the parent and child may not be aware of how much their personalities resemble. This duo tends to have an active and exciting time together. Since it is a meeting of two strong spirits, the relationship is usually positive and dynamic. Because of their strong egos, it is often difficult for them to solve their problems. It is important for them to learn to work together. They have to avoid being selfish. As both the parent and child are headstrong, they like things to go their way. It is important for both family members to work together and to cooperate instead of competing. Their combined energies can achieve a lot when channelled in a positive way. Aries have a big-heart, so the two easily compromise. The best part of this relationship is their dynamic and spontaneous nature. There is no boredom in this family. The abundance of energy and ability to resolve disagreements makes this a supportive and compatible family.

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When the parade comes to town, look at the one who leads -- it will most likely be an Aries. Not one to be cowed down by failures, you play the game for the recognition it brings. You love to take on new challenges and even lead the way, offering new ideas and finding easy solutions to problems that might seem baffling to others. But in all this, you can't be rushed; you certainly cannot work with someone breathing down your neck. Given the freedom, you will enjoy the challenge and do your best. Although you are pleasant company, you may not be the most popular person around, but that is something you don't take to heart. For you, ... ...Read More
Sonam Kapoor
Chitrangada Singh
Birthday : March 28
Sign : Aries
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