Gemstones as powerful healers, Part - I by Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant

Gemstones are extremely radioactive and they have the capacity to attract special cosmic rays. Wearing gemstones after proper astrological consideration of one's horoscope can save mental imbalance, physical suffering and financial obstacles. Gemstones serve as our armour and body guard. How do gemstones work? Keep reading to find out.

Ruby or Manik is a mineral (stone) that represents the Sun or Surya. Ranging from crimson to scarlet reds and pinks to deep ruddy violet, Manik is found in a variety of colours. A solid stone, ruby, in its finest quality has a delicate rose like colour. Manik's effects last for four years from the very day it is worn.

Manik is the birthstone for people who are born Leo. It must also be worn by people who have a weak Sun in their birth chart. Manik is known to improve financial condition, impart prosperity, name and fame to the wearer. Also, according to astro beliefs, the Manik wearer is blessed with a son. If you are aspiring a high office position, wearing a Manik will definitely be beneficial for you.

Manik symbolizes power and freedom. It helps in attaining good luck and long life coupled with cordial relations and stimulated energy levels. When worn close to the heart, Manik stimulates love. Any afflictions caused by the Sun are warded off if a person wears Manik or Ruby. Leadership qualities are enhanced and the Ruby wearer is always at the forefront. Also, intellect is directly affected by Manik.

Manik is recommended for diplomats, merchants, actors, Government officials, people in stock exchanges, jewelers, engineers and those who aspire to garner name and fame in life. For enhanced creativity, fame and good health, Ruby is strongly suggested.

Natural pearls or moti are solidified rain drops that fall into the mouth of pearl oysters during the 'Swati Nakshatra'. Today, scientists provide us with cultured pearls because of the increasing attraction and demand for Moti. Substances like rain drops are infused into the sea shells during the 'Swati Nakshatra'. The sea shells cover them up with coral substance with layer after layer of nacre. This is how cultured Pearls are created. Real and cultured pearls can be formed in the same sea shell; hence both are given equal importance. Available in a variety of colours, Moti is a popular gemstone.

Moon has a significant effect on the human mind as per Astrology. People who usually find themselves in a disturbed state of mind or blow are advised to wear the Moti. Pearl is a pacifier. It calms the mental inconsistency and strengthens the heart.

Wearing Moti brings family pleasure, better financial status, intensifies administrative traits, makes the person calm and kind, blessed by parents, wealthy and most importantly, enhances imagination and intuition. Moti is said to increase the learning capacity and overall intelligence. Also, it cures abdominal diseases. As per medical science, Moti is beneficial for diseases related to heart, urine, eyes, throat, calcium deficiency, indigestion and any general weakness. Wearing moti radiates on the face as the mind is at peace and the body is free of ailments. If a mother buys Moti for her child, it is most beneficial for the child.

Moti helps to stabilize emotions and control one's temper. Pearl represents love, happiness and success and is definitely the best gift to give to loved ones.

In ancient times, it was believed that Coral prevents ill fortune and when worn as a necklace, it protects one from skin diseases. A dream about coral was interpreted in terms of recovery from a prolonged illness.

Coral or Moonga is a symbol of the energy of blood. A dark coral helps in stimulating the bloodstream whereas shades of pink help in restoring harmony. Coral relieves one from depression, nutritional deficiency and lethargy. Wearing Coral helps in meditation and visualization. Also, it makes the wearer more courageous to confront and solve problems and situations and also induce risk-taking ability. Eradicating negative effects that are posing hindrance, Moonga also increases one's authority. Weak-hearted people and the ones who easily are overpowered by enemies are recommended to wear a Coral. Moonga is a perfect gem for a happy conjugal life as it helps restore calm in conflict situations.

Moonga is also recommended for electricians, players, surgeons, policemen, soldiers and workers in ordinance factory. It increases self-assurance and administrative potential. In transactions of land and properties, Moonga is highly beneficial. Moonga allows flow and change in life and keeps a tab on emotions.

Emerald or Panna helps to counter the ill effects of Mercury. The Emerald Stone belongs to the beryl gem family. It is light, deep green in colour. Finding a flawless emerald stone is very difficult and this makes it rare. A pleasant and soothing gem, Panna is related to love as it gives peaceful vibes and also captivates the heart. Panna stone's effect lasts for three years since the very day it is worn.

Found in coal mines, the Panna Stone is a delicate and fragile gemstone. High levels of carbon are responsible for black spots and filaments on Emerald. In a genuine emerald, black spots or cracks are a common sight but this does not pose any hurdle in its utility.

Panna is a pacifier and when worn, helps soothe mental disturbances and tensions. Also, it is believed that Panna accelerates reasoning potential, presence of mind and spiritual power. Emerald Stone is recommended for diplomats, architects, doctors, businessmen, engineers, writers, teachers, publishers and intellectuals. Also, it is believed that the Goddess of Learning blesses the emerald wearer with sharp intellect. Panna Stone wards off the evil effects by spirits and nightmares.

Many notions are associated with Panna. Tying a Panna Stone around the waist of a pregnant woman makes the delivery easy and less painful. Presenting Emerald to a lover is considered very auspicious as it favours a better bonding. An Emerald wearer is safe from anyone planning to harm him/her as the person's intentions would most likely be exposed. The Emerald Stone wearer possesses a loving heart, magnanimity, a peaceful mind and wealth.

Weak mercury in a person's horoscope results in ailments like asthma, stammering, cough, etc. In such cases, Emerald is considered a healer. Panna also helps in improving eye sight, memory, in reducing anger outbursts and in attaining peace of mind.

Watch this space for more powerful gemstones!

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