Gambhir as a husband

Indian team opener Gautam Gambhir aka Gauti is all geared up to begin a new innings of his life. Come October 28, 2011, this dashing cricketer will no more be a bachelor.

Breaking the hearts of many girls, Gauti will tie the knot with Delhi girl Natasha Jain, daughter of a prominent businessman in Delhi at a Gurgaon farmhouse. The wedding will be a very low-key affair which will be attended by only family and friends.

Will Gauti make a good, doting husband to Natasha? Let's find out....

Born on October 14, 1981, Gautam Gambhir belongs to the zodiac sign Libra with 5 as ruling number. A Libra man could not think of hurting anyone else, especially women. So, he will give much love to his wife and will keep the relationship sailing smooth. He can forgive and forget easily. Must say, he's got a soft heart. He will pay his ears to his partner's desires and wishes with full attention and patience. When it comes to gifting, he will spend lavishly on his partner. He knows the tricks to pamper her.

Being a Libran, Gauti was born to love. In fact, where there is Libra, there is love. He enjoys harmless flirtations even after marriage, yet he will remain loyal to his wife. Librans are communicators so when things go wrong in his married life, he will initiate to sort it out with an open communication with his partner. He prefers to resolve matters amicably. He is an adorable husband. But what can irk his partner is his inability to take a decision since he doesn't want his decisions to hurt anyone. On seeing one hurt by his opinion, he may immediately change it.

He is not interested in gossips and one can confess their personal secrets to him as he will keep it a secret. So, now can we say Natasha is very lucky?

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