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Does Your Zodiac Sign Make You Spendthrift or Frugal?

Does Your Zodiac Sign Make You Spendthrift or Frugal?

We have always known that our spending habits are a product of our upbringing and environment. If an individual comes from a household with modest income, they are more likely to be someone who keeps a tight hold on their cash flow. But the opposite is also true, where an individual spends a lot because that is what he is accustomed to. But did you know that your horoscopes, that you have traditionally relied upon for indications where your life is headed, may be an equally important a factor in determining whether you are inclined to be economical or extravagant in your spending habits.

Wouldn’t you want to find out how you are inclined to spending money? Let’s take a look and see what your zodiac sign has to tell you about it:


Aries who are known for their sense of adventure and aggression, also have a wild streak when it comes to spending. When they want something, they stop at nothing to get it. To make sure they can do that, they constantly like to think of new and innovative ways to make money and fuel their desires. Aries are geniuses when it comes to savings and may even be inclined to spend it generously, but they are always aware of their limit and consequently are never broke.


A Taurus’s love for the extravagant is well known and thus he is inclined to be a spendthrift. Because Taureans are also hard working, they follow a solid work ethic and earn accordingly, but because of their love for luxury and comfort, they tend to spend a lot. However, because they are known be very generous, a Taurus individual needs to be careful when dealing with people who might be inclined to take advantage of the aforementioned generosity.


The level headed Gemini is often known for his ability to handle money. Geminis are individuals who work hard to earn and save money, while also having frugal spending habits. But their twin nature may often cause internal conflicts deciding over whether to spend now and save later, or to save now and spend later. It is most prudent that they focus on finding a middle path with saving and spending on themselves


Despite being born under the Moon, Cancerians are unaffected by any shifting tides of the Moon when it comes to their finances. They are in fact known to have frugal spending habits. A Cancerian will more often spend only `on his basic requirements. However, one area where a Cancer makes exception is when he is traveling, always being ready for a road trip or a vacation.


Leos are much disciplined when it comes to matters pertaining to money. Leos are well known for their well-balanced sense of spending and will save beforehand, in order to save themselves from guilt resulting from an expensive purchase. A Leo is also famous for his ability to bargain and still look like a million dollars even on a tight budget.


With very few vices and a tendency to be ultra-frugal, Virgos tend to save a lot. They often squeeze a penny for all its worth. The Virgo zodiac is known to rule the stomach and intestinal organ and thus it should come as no surprise that the one area where they tend to make an exception and spend is food.


Represented by the scale, Librans tend to take the balanced approach that they are known for. They take a calculated approach when it comes to their finances. A Libran will know when to save and when to enjoy his savings. However, they also tend to have a wild side that makes them spend on adventures like journeys.


While saving might not be one of the Scorpios strongest suits, they are considered financial wizards. Their keen sense of analysis and intuition when it comes to market trends makes them very successful in getting rich schemes. A Scorpio is driven by his want and will tend to spend on his desires but makes up for it by finding ways to bankroll the purchase.


The Sagittarians are known for being good at saving up sizable amounts of cash and also making careful expenditure that they need and not necessarily what they desire. Individuals born under this sign are considered lucky when it comes to finding money making opportunities and become better money handlers as they grow older.


A firm believer of hard work, a Capricorn is never broke and always has money to spend. They not only have exceptional skills in making money but can also resist spending it for long periods of time. While a Capricorn does not easily lend money to others, they will not borrow money either. They are however, lovers of luxury and will often spend on tasteful items of apparel or furniture.


Known for finding a way to making their passion, their career and becoming successful with it, Aquarians are known for their natural flair for making money and being famously good at stockpiling it. But they are also known to be generous to those around them. Although the harder they work for money, they are most likely going to understand the value of money.


Pisceans are very good at saving a sizable amount of cash when they put their mind to it, but owing to their fluidic sign, and go with the flow nature, are often prone to impulse shopping. It is said that of all the Zodiacs, the Pisces will benefit most from a financial advisor. Pisceans never hesitate from trying new money making schemes, because of their impatient nature. But they will never walk away from hard work even if they are underpaid, which is the reason they also make excellent employees.


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