Coolest celeb dads

'My father is a hero' - that's what we all think about our dads. And so are our superstars and sports stars, who despite having a tight schedule and most of the time being away from home and family, do not let their absence affect their children. What makes them the coolest, hottest Superdads? Read on to find out.

Ajay Devgn (Aries):
Here's a dad who was found babysitting on a film set. We heard that Ajay Devgn was spotted babysitting his daughter Nyasa and son Yug in Goa on the sets of his last superhit film Singham. Busy shooting schedules keep him away from his children but whenever he gets time, he tries to spend as much time as possible with them. Being an Aries father, he shares a very dynamic, positive and a spontaneous relationship with his children. It is a highly charged and emotional relationship. He tends to have an active and exciting time together with his kids. He's got a big-heart, and can easily compromise. The abundance of energy and ability to cast away that boredom in his relationship with kids makes him a cool dad.

Sachin Tendulkar (Taurus):
The God of cricket, the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar expressed how unfortunate he is that he can't even be a normal father. He said that in Mumbai he cannot take his kids out for evening walks or for other normal things. So the only way to spend some good time with them is during the holidays. Despite having earned so much name, fame and money, he still remains very modest. And this is what he teaches his children - 'to be a good person'. Being a Taurus, he ensures that his relationship with his kids remains steady. Taurus is an earth sign, solid and dependable; he has this ability to soothe down his kids if they go hotheaded. Sometimes his children may find him a little possessive and restrictive. But being a father he does, what's right for them. He provides stability and security. His children can learn from him the lessons of patience and co-ordination. No doubt, he's daddy cool!

Mahesh Bhupathi (Gemini):
Tennis ace Mahesh Bhupathi was away in Melbourne playing the Autsralian Open and could not be by his wife Lara Dutta's side when she delivered a baby girl. But we live in a technology world, and that came in aid for Hesh. Through Skype, he had a glimpse of his little daughter, Saira. He dedicated his 2012 French Open mixed doubles win to his daughter. He is a Gemini and enjoys a stimulating relationship with his little girl. However, she is too little to understand and enjoys her dad's company. He will not be a very controlling father but as Saira grows up she will value her independence. He will fill in her life with lots of energy and will get almost anything done for her.

Sourav Ganguly (Cancer):
In Sourav's life, only his daughter Sana rules. If she doesn't do her homework, he will do her homework and lies to his wife that she has done it. And if she doesn't want to study, he will call up her teachers and request to excuse her for today. So is dada spoiling his daughter? Well, not really. Being a Cancer father, Sourav shares quite a challenging relationship. He is sensitive, quiet and desires for a smooth and trouble-free life for his daughter. He doesn't socialize or leads a high-flying lifestyle; he is often concerned with the home and domesticity, and provides Sana with emotional security. He quietly supports her from behind the scenes; that makes him an adorable dad.

Saif Ali Khan (Leo):
Saif Ali Khan may not stay with his kids but he's always there, whenever Sarah and Ibrahim need him. His divorce with Amrita Singh has not changed his love for them. He's good at juggling time, work, kids, and of course, Kareena. Being a Leo, he is dynamic and a fun dad to be with. He motivates his children to reach out to higher goals. He is very active and impulsive. Sometimes, he may act impatient but whenever his children look up to him for guidance, he's there. His energy and drive make his bonding with kids lively.

Akshay Kumar (Virgo):
Akshay Kumar may be the King of Action pulling out some unimaginable stunts in most of his action films but he is a careful daddy. He doesn't take his son Aarav to shoots. Except watching him on the screen, he never lets Aarav watch him doing stunts on the sets. Like him, he makes sure that he's fit and we heard that Aarav accompanies him and does a light workout with him at the gym. He makes it a point to attend every school event his son is participating. Being a Virgo, he gives him some breathing space. He prefers to work patiently and cautiously towards the set goal for his son. Patience and thoroughness are all that Aarav can learn from him. So, we say he's a super cool and brave daddy.

Virender Sehwag (Libra):
This swashbuckling batsman Virender Sehwag doesn't mind his son Aryaveer breaking furniture and lights. Why? His son is passionate about cricket and daddy wants to give him the freedom to express himself. As long as he is enjoying the game, Aryaveer can go breaking furniture and a lot of other things. Being a Libra, he shares a very warm and compatible relationship with his two sons. His natural harmony sustains the family partnership, love, companionship, and balance. This father-son relationship is so naturally compatible. His natural charm and good manners will make a huge impact on his sons. He teaches them patience and tolerance.

Shah Rukh Khan (Scorpio):
He can be that fun, loving father who can do anything for his children. Whether it's getting Lady Gaga's shades for his daughter or arranging a private audience for his son in his house with The Great Khali. You think he's the coolest dad? Go on reading...he can be that angry-daddy who doesn't care about his celebrity status if his children were manhandled. (Is Wankhede stadium incident still alive in your mind?) He is a typical Scorpion father and has the potential to form a perfectly balanced union with his children. He is powerful and can be quite dominating. As a father, he is focused and determined; has a deep and complex faith in his children.

Arjun Rampal (Sagittarius):
He is one of the hottest looking dad. He loves his two daughters Marya and Mahikaa so much that he got their names inked on his forearms. Marya is on the left while Mahikaa is on the right forearm. Being a Sagittarius father, he usually forms a very loving and compatible relationship with his children. He is a doting father and a friend to them. They enjoy one another's company, and have a friendly relationship. As he views life with optimism and hope, he is always on the lookout to fill their lives with excitement.

Hrithik Roshan (Capricorn):
With a Greek God look and perfect physique, he's the hottest dad ever. But let us tell you, he is a tough dad, who wants his sons to face life's challenges from an early age onwards. "They need to fall a bit, get hurt a bit, that's the only way to grow," said papa Hrithik. At such a young age, he has taught Hrehaan and Hridaan snowboarding. As a Capricorn father, he tries to get the most out of his sons and is a stern father. But that does not mean he puts them under pressure. He has his own way of teaching and loving them. He does not like taking shortcut routes and will rather do it the hard way, if it ensures success.

Abhishek Bachan (Aquarius):
This new daddy of B-town, Abhishek has already planned gifts for his daughter when she becomes a little older. His father Amitabh's film DVDs or his grandfather's books are all he would gift her. He likes spending time with her and doesn't want to return to work. As an Aquarius father, he will be a great pal to his daughter. He will share a very compatible relationship and that is why he can communicate perfectly well with her.

Aamir Khan (Pisces):
Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan does everything perfectly. Does that make him a perfect dad? Aamir is a friend and guide for his son Junaid and daughter Ira. He would attend all their school functions and encourage them in whatever they do. A Pisces father, Aamir enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with his children. He has a subdued disposition and is basically a dreamer and deeply cares and takes an abiding interest in their lives. His gentle nature, his ability to soothe down an aggressive nature will have a lasting impression on Junaid, Ira and Azad.

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