Colour is everywhere. The world would be a bland place without it. Within the human psychology, colours can act as unconscious triggers influencing thoughts, feelings and reactions. Blue, for instance, has been found to be calming while red can cause feeling of anger and tension. Colour has a strong effect on health and well being and this has been taken on board in hospitals, prisons, commercial and educational environments.
Here’s what we have for you…

Ruled by Mars, Aries relates well with red. Arians are impulsive, sociable and sometimes aggressive. They crave action and adventure. Those born under the first sign of the zodiac have boundless energy but can sometimes be impatient and bad-tempered! Red is an energizing and revitalizing colour. Red gives courage and strength. It increases self awareness and puts the Arians in touch with their purpose in life. You will draw love with a ROSE QUARTZ and GARNET combination. It will be good to carry or wear TIGER EYE to attract money.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus relates well with pink or magentas. Those born under the second sign of the zodiac have a steady, practical personality. Taureans are security conscious and find it difficult to adapt to change. Pink will help to promote their natural charm and graciousness. Magenta is a successful colour and this will appeal to the material side of the Taurean’s nature. Pink stimulates love and affection and enhances emotional stability. Taurus are wonderful people. I have never met a Taurus that didn’t love AMETHYST. Wear, carry , bathe with , and even sleep with Amethyst this year. Green Jade will attract love and money. You will love the results!!

Ruled by Mercury , Gemini relates well with yellow. Those born under the third sign of the zodiac love to use their mind and imagination , needing variety in life and constant change. They are creative innovative & intellectual. Yellow stimulates their innate curiosity and love of anything that is new and modern. This colour helps stave off depression and keeps Gemini cheerful. Fun loving Gemini, you should wear a PINK TOURMALINE for love this year. For monetary gains wear AGATE. Try putting a CARNELIAN in the four corners of your bed for incredible spiritual insights and powerful dreams.

Ruled by Moon, Cancer relates well with silver and green. Those born under the fourth sign of the zodiac are loving, sensitive and intuitive. As a Moon child , they love their home and family. Cancer is also a good friend, ready to help anyone who needs their support. They are highly sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings. Cancerians should surround themselves with silver green tones whenever they are feeling hurt, upset to restore their cheerful spirits. Cancerians need a protective stone. You can wear a MOON STONE for financial gain. Your love stones are ROSE QUARTZ OR RUBY CRYSTAL.

Ruled by Sun, Leo relates well with Gold. Gold is the colour of prosperity. Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac. Those born under the fifth sign love luxury and material possessions. Only the best is good enough for LEO. Gold enhances their majestic feelings as they like to rule over those around them. It is a warm luxurious hue reflecting the generous LEO heart. Dramatic Loom how loved you are! A powerful pendant will help you shine. Wear a MOLDAVITE and diamond pendant. Attract love with a SMOKY ROSE QUARTZ AND A CLEAR QUARTZ combo.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo relates well with blue. Virgos are hard working, conscientious and careful. People know they can rely on those born under the sixth sign of the zodiac as they are thorough in all that they do. They will be a loyal friend. Virgos worry a lot, wondering for instance whether they are making the right impression on others or they are doing the right thing. Soothing blues help them calm down and relax their anxious mind. Spring clean Virgos, drink lots of water and wear a CLEAR QUARTZ for love and prosperity. Place a bowl with 6 blue fish placed in the north of your house.

Ruled by Venus, Libra relates well with purple. Libra is the sign of balance and partnership. Relationships are an important part of their life. Their goal is to promote harmony and balance in their environment. Purple is a mix of blue and red . Red will stimulate their energy and sociability. Blue helps them promote their needs and feelings. This is a spiritually uplifting colour. Libra, you are beautiful and handsome when in balance. Meditate holding a ROSE QUARTZ in one hand and a CLEAR QUARTZ in other to enhance your love life. The results will be great. Wear a nice DIAMOND for prosperity.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio relates well with Black. Scorpio is mysterious , deep and serious. They need to be in command of their life and black gives them the confidence and authority to do so with little interference from others. Black is the colour of dignity and power. They also respond well to red, representing energy and vigour. Scorpio, to protect yourself this year wear a CITRINE. For the growth in your love life wear AQUA AURA.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius relates well with purple. Those born under the ninth sign of the zodiac are adventurous, broad minded and intellectual. They are keen observer of human nature. They are interested in people, culture, religion and philosophy. Purple is a colour associated with royalty bringing out the benevolent side of their Jupeterian nature. Sagittarius, this year YELLOW SAPPHIRE will work wonders for you. If you are traveling carry a MOONSTONE. Wear RUBY CRYSTAL on your heart chakra for your love life.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn relates well with Brown. Those born under the tenth sign of the zodiac have a steady, practical and reliable nature and a strong sense of responsibility. Capricorns can be materialistic. They are good at savings and are concerned with their future security. Brown enhances the Capricorn’s sense of purpose and determination to succeed. Capricorns enjoy success with a BLOOD STONE pendant or carrying one will also be positive. It will give you the courage to take risks. For health GARNET will be effective.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius relates well with electric blue. Those born under the eleventh sign of the zodiac have a truly electric personality. They have many friends and flow easily and freely among their acquaintances. Aquarians are forward looking in their thinking. Sometimes they can be in consistent and their life has many changes. Aquarians should surround themselves with electric blue and this helps them get times of upheaval. Wear AMETHYST or GARNET for good luck in business and romance

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces relates well with pearls and grays. Sensitive, romantic and born under the twelfth sign of the zodiac prefer to follow than to lead. They crave a peaceful and harmonious lifestyle. Under pressure they will feel emotionally drained. Pisceans are deeply in touch with their feelings. They should surround themselves with grays, whites and misty blues. An AQUAMARINE will protect and lift your energy level. A LINGAM, temple stone will be very powerful and help answer all your prayers.

By: Gini Arora, Tarot Reader and Vedic Astrologer.

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