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404 Error: True Love Not Found

404 Error: True Love Not Found

Love, love is a verb. Love is a doing word but finding true love is a tricky business which can get mind-numbing at times. Remember all the dates that you went to with the wrong people? Wasted time is all you get. Frustrating it is, but using a few tricks and a little help from the stars and the planets may help you bring closer to finding the ‘ONE’ for you.

Aries: Although you have the ability to spot potential lovers, you are someone who doesn’t take the first step. Take action! Be audacious and no matter where you spot them, take control of the situation and demand for a date. Yes, demand and decide the place for your romantic date and take lead. No, you will never fail to impress doing so, Dear Aries.

Taurus: Stop whining over your last failed relationship. Move on and move on quick. Bring out your sensuality and be on top of the love game again. Just come out of that, ‘oh, poor me’ zone. You don’t see that love is always out there waiting, it’s just you who needs to pull up your sleeve and bring your love home.

Gemini: Don’t fail to recognize that person who’s sitting right across the room, tapping, fidgeting and playing games with their eyes. How can you possibly not notice? Head over heels with you.  Be the first to approach, strike a conversation make it witty and as soon as your eyes meet each other’s, don’t wait, make your move.

Cancer: Cancer born natives keep a check on your emotions. Remember you are never supposed to mix business with pleasure. Disregard any kind of orders thrown by the gorgeous and energetic authoritative person in the room. Instead be astute and respectfully ask that person for a date. If not this, there’s always room for someone else.

Leo: So have you been a careful observant? Yes, you still like what you see. Now is the sign to make the move and approach. You are the Kings on the zodiac and definitely no person can miss the entertaining and charming side of you. But never mind if it doesn’t work out the way you want, there are plenty of fishes on the pond, My King.

Virgo: You usually don’t stick around for too long but why not use your wizardry charms and fascinate your partners? You can always make excuses of work or other priorities when it’s all been said and done and sadly doesn’t work out.

Libra: You just can’t stop yourself falling for the wrong person. That person is definitely wrong for you, but you are ‘blindly’ in love. So mesmerized by their existence and you are still hungry for more. Don’t waste time thinking over if you should or should not. Take the ball in your court and hit it as hard as you can, you know what you need to do.

Scorpio: You see that particular person every single day but you never cared to notice, but wait, they are on your boat too. Bingo!! Now they have read the tell tale signs that you have noticed you have their attention. They want some action, so give it to them. Go up to them and say something enticing and make them stay.

Sagittarius: You are easily attracted to spontaneity more than anything else. The same goes for when you are looking for a partner, you loathe boredom in your partner too. Be sure to grab their attention by doing something which would obviously send out the signals.

Capricorn: Not a fan of love at first sight or blind dates? Your friends and family sets you up on dates and it annoys to the core. But think of it otherwise, you will atleast have someone to discuss about sick life, your trials and tribulations. What’s here not to like?

Aquarius: The tech world, online dating fascinates you. You may have found love on the internet once and got your heart broken, this doesn’t mean you sulk and cry over it. It’s not yet the end of the world, try again with better strategies and don’t be surprised if this time it works out.

Pisces: Dear Pisces, see that lonely person with a big pocket over there surrounded by fake friends and partners but still lonely? All they have is the power of their wallet. Don’t let this person go, look deep into their eyes and dig deep with your mysterious stares. Anything will be good with this person. Take the bet.


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